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This 1978 F-100 belongs to Steve Hansen (

My Dad ordered the truck in September of 1977. He really didn't like the fancy XLT trim so he took the basic F-100 and made in a bit fancier. The truck is a red 1978 F-100 w/ 302 to a C-6, lock package (glove box door, hood, spare tire), sport steering wheel, A/C, and AM digital clock radio. He drove the truck till 1992 when he handed it down to me. Well, I love the truck, I have put a rebuilt 302, redone the C-6 and also had the A/C rebuilt. I come from Nebraska and so does the truck, RUST, the bed has been completely redone, all new rust free parts. I'm in the process of priming and wet sanding to repaint the truck red. I have had so much fun and have learned so much with this truck, I hope finish my project with in the next 5 years.