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This 1965 F-250 Camper Special belongs to Jeffrey Kilgo (

Here's a picture a picture of my 65 250 Camper Special. I bought this truck from a Cattle Rancher out in Central Texas. The truck was originally purchased in California and eventually worked its way to Texas, via Denver Colorado. The truck currently has a 352 FE and originally had a Cruise-o-matic transmission. I have since replaced the cruiso with a C6 and am now in the process of rebuilding the rearend with a new Dana 60 with a 4/10 ratio. I also recently bought the entire front end from a 68 250 and will convert my truck to front disc brakes soon. Additionally, I have found a 428 short block (after much looking) and will replace the 352 once the 428 is finished. Paint work and enterior work will follow, probably next summer. I've owned this truck for two years and I really enjoy driving it everyday. It will eventually be set up for towing and I'm sure it will be on the road for many years to come. I'll send more pictures once the project is complete.

Jeff Kilgo
Colorado Springs