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This 1965 F-100 belongs to Dane (

This is my daily driver 65 SWB. I bought this truck from the original owner November 1998. Included with the truck was the original owners manual and a complete set of factory service manuals. It's is dependable and it's stock except for the hubcaps and headlight bezels. It currently has the original 240 engine and 3 speed transmission. As time and money permits, it will get a newly rebuilt 300-6 from a 79 F150. I plan on having the engine balanced and an RV cam installed. The 3.70:1 third member gears will be replaced with a 3.25:1 gears. The fuel tank behind the seat has been removed. As soon as all mechanicals are in good working order the cosmetic restoration will begin. The original owner installed plywood over the metal bed floor causing the floor to rust completely out. I can't figure out how to repair it because there are no replacement floor panels available.