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This 1948 F-1 Panel truck belongs to Bob Jones (

I already have a '49 F-2 on the 1949 page and when I finish this truck I plan on submitting a combined picture of the '49 F-2, '48 F-1 panel truck and a '49 8N tractor. I hope to have the panel truck finished this spring.

The description of this truck is as follows:

This truck is a 1948 F-1 panel truck. I bought this truck along with half of a parts truck. The parts truck had the front end removed and converted to a trailer and was rusted out but had a good roof. The main truck's roof looked like it was a victim of a roll over accident and was in pretty rough shape, which is the reason for the parts truck. Other than the roof the body is pretty solid, especially considering it spent it's life in the rust belt. So far I have installed the donor roof and started repairing the minor rust outs in the body. I am also in search of parts to reconstruct a flathead V-8 drive train and seats since I bought it without any. When I finish this truck I will use it as a delivery vehicle for my business which is a industrial control panel shop, hence a panel truck for my panel shop.

From the faded lettering on the side of the main truck I could see it was used by the White Stucco Lounge Race Team in Des Plains Ill. for hauling a race car. I am curious about the history of this truck and would like to find out more information about this truck or the White Stucco Lounge Race Team. If anyone has information please e-mail me.