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This sharp 1999 Ford F350 Flatbed belongs to the father of Robert Douglas (

My father bought this truck a few months ago and as you can see he has already added a lot too it. Check out the dual 4" chrome stacks. He traded in his 95 powerstroke in on it. Even though this is a sharp truck, it still can't compare to his old 95. You wouldn't believe how great a 95 F-350 flat bed can look, it had all that this one has plus more, but it only had one stack. He puts his trucks to work too, he takes very good care of them, but he gets his money out of them. His 95 had over 150,000 mi. He uses it around the farm and hauls livestock, about 32,000 lbs worth. Now tell me that a Chevy can do that. He has always run circles around Dodge and Chevy both; there is just no comparison! Ford is definitely the best there ever was and ever will be.