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This sharp 1999 Ford F150 4x4 SuperCab Lariat belongs to list member Keith F. (

1999 F-150 4x4 SuperCab Lariat, 5.4 V8, Medium Graphite Captains chairs, Deep Wedgewood Blue paint.

I did not go for the Off Road Package, 3.73 diff or limited slip 3.55 diff, as I plan to put in a 4" Rancho lift and BFG 35" wheels soon, and I'll need longer shocks and 4.56 diff ratios (and side steps to get in and out!).

The truck is great - it plants you in your seat if you floor it, is sure-footed on the road, and stops well with 4wheel ABS. I can't tell the power difference between my '99 5.4, and the '98 5.4 I test drove two months ago, but the '99 seems a lot smoother.