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This really nice 1998 Ford F-150 Flareside STX to James Howard>

I have a 1998 F-150 Flareside STX. I guess the most noticeable mod is the addition of the Two Black Racing Stipes and huge Ford Racing Logo on the tailgate. The STX Stickers were removed to make room for the new Ford Racing Flare Stickers. In addition to the Stripes, I had a Lund Bugshield installed, black to keep my aspect of a black and red truck, and Ford Factory Side Window Deflectors. To continue with the outside Mods, I had a Factory Ford Bedliner installed. The only reason I wanted this bedliner is cause it sports the Ford Logo. This Bedliner will be taken out in upcoming months to make way for a Line-X Spray in bedliner which will be red. When that is sprayed in, A snugLid cap will be also implemented. The final exterior mod, is Signal Turning Mirrors. Not a big mod, just wanted something different and to catch the eye of a car or Chevy truck as I am passing them! (Main Reason the Huge Ford Logo is on the Tailgate.)

Now with Interior Mods. Not much has been done to the interior. Only thing I have done is ripped the Storage Tray that came with the truck out to make room for my Future Sound System. When that is installed, a Red Strope Light will run across the top of it for the red light effect inside the cab of the truck! I also have the Carpeted F-SERIES Floor Mats. Was only a $35.00 option when I got the truck. And of course Factory Sill Plates to protect the paint.

Engine Performance Mods. I have added of course, K&N Airfilter. Hypertech Power Module. Very good thing to do! The next step is to add Gibson Super Truck Dual Exhaust. And of course add their chrome tips! And of course the regular mods of all the fluids, Sparkplugs (Splitfire), and Splitfire Twin Core Sparkplug wires. A very simple mod, to prevent me from lossing gas at school, I installed a locking gas cap.

The truck currently rides on the Factory Wheels that came on it, 17" Goodyear GTII. I am very satisfied with these super wide Tires and will continue to use them! To keep the truck more stable, the Ford Factory installed Sway Bar was replace with a Sway Bar by Addco. Really helped the stability of the truck in the turns. And to keep the wheels a bit cleaner from brake dust, Kleen Wheels was installed on the back of the front wheels.

The truck stands out at night with the 2 front Headlights which have had the bulbs replaced from Stock to World Light Halogen Blue Ion Bulbs. Shines a nice Diamond Blue at night and Wicked Orange during the day! Was installed for looks and greater visability.