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This 1986 F-150 belongs to Dan MacDonal (

My name is Dan MacDonald and I own a '86 F-150 that I have built from the ground up. It used to be a 4x2 but I added a 3 in body lift and a TTB under the front. I kept the C6 and modified it to work with the NP 208 transfer case. It has the original 300 I-6 that I have rebuilt and modified. I added a Clifford intake, headers, 270 degree cam, 450 cfm Edelbrock carb., and milled the head .050". I also added a 10 speaker stereo that will rattle windows. 33 in. BFG mudders supply the beef and now currently working on converting the TTB to a Dana 44 mono out of a '79 bronco. I also plan to put a 9 in rear in it too. She'll go anywhere you want with in reason.