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This 1982 F100 belongs to George Hunt (

I bought the truck in 97 for $800.00. With a price like that you can guess it needed a lot of work. Since then I have added a paint job, lots of diamond tread, new door panels, a Kenwood sound system, and 2 1/2 inches of lift by adding leaves on the rear and bigger springs on the front which made room for the 32-11.50 BFG's all terrain ko's, on American Racing 15x8 chrome wheels. It still has the stock in-line 300 ci 6, but there's a 351 sitting in my garage. The recliner is perfect to put in the bed and go to the drive-in. Also In the future I'm getting the seats re-upholstered to what they were stock, and some other small details. If I get real industrious, I'll convert it to 4WD.