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This 1979 F250 Crewcab belongs to Rick & Knicki Lucrezi (

Who say's crewcabs aren't cool? Well, just don't tell my son kody. This truck started as a 74 two wheel drive F-250 crewcab, pea green, and not very cool looking. My wife hated it and couldn't see the potential. I had a old beat up 79 supercab F-250 4X so I married the best of the two. I had to shorten the supers frame five inches and relocate the rear cab mounts to accomodate the longer crewcab. I made new motor mount pearches to accept the early FE style motors and droped in a high torque 428. I also radiused the frame rails for the early FE cast iron headers. Im running a kitted C6 and married 205 transfer case. The front end is completely rebuilt high pinion 44 with 4:10s and the since the photo I installed a dana 70 with power lock. I have also installed new warn hubs and replaced the camper shell with a new cab high Leer. The wheels have also been changed to Centerlines. Near future calls for swaping out the 428 for a 7.3L turbo diesel and a Gear Vendor over drive and Im installing a dana 60 high pinion up front. Im now working on a 12000 lb Ramsey pto winch and bumper. I'll save the left over drive train for my son as he loves working on trucks.