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This sharp 1979 F100 Ranger belongs to Sean Lynch (

My truck is a 1979 Ford F-100 Ranger. It's a standard cab, short bed, step-side. It's basically stock except the rims and the rear bumper. It's powered by a 302 cid V8, C6 Trans., and a 9" rear end. It has almost 200,000 miles on it. Black with black interior and yes the push bar is a stock option. 8) I got the truck in Oct. '96 when my godfather bought his new F-150. He bought it my truck new in 09-79. He added the rear bumper (because it didn't have one), the rims and the second gas tank. Since I've had it I've added the lock-box to hold my tools, a stereo system, and I've rebuilt the motor. It's my first vehicle and is driven everyday. I hope to someday replace the bed wood back to stock oak strips, replace the second gas tank (cause it hangs down to low) and rebuild the trans. The main thing that I love about my truck is that there aren't that many models like mine in the Fairfield, CA area. There are lots of 73-79 Ford trucks but not that many step-sides.