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This F250 Supercab 4X4 Ranger XLT Lariat Camper Special belongs to list member John Macnamara.">

First off I bought the truck around 5 years ago and it was a mess when I bought it. The rear undercarriage was covered in oil from the front cross member all the way to the differential. Obviously an abused truck with a major oil leak that no one cared to fix. Also there was evidence of an engine fire in the engine bay as the paint is bubbled and the brake hoses were crispy on the outside. Didn't ask for any info on history because I don't know how or when this happened.

Since I wanted a dependable truck I have spent the last 4 years rebuilding everything mechanical in the truck. I had a spare C6 and NP205 so I put new seals and gaskets in the xfer case and rebuilt the C6 adding the extra clutch drum for reliablilty. I had previously bought a 460 that I was going to put in the truck I owned before this one but decided to keep with the 400 and sold it. I rebuilt the 460 using a Crane 260 degree dual patter cam as I wanted lots of low down torque to pull the 3:55 gears this truck has. The block is bored .030 over and the crank and rods were balanced. The heads are stock except for grinding down the bump in the exhaust port and adding a set of Comp Cams adjustable magnum roller rockers. The intake is a Edelbrock Performer with the EGR setup for smog. I'm runnig a 4barrel Holley at the moment but expect in the near future to put my Autolite 4100 on it..

I've replace the front and rear brake lines with stainless and have rebuilt the calipers and rear drums. The front axles have been gone through and the rear has new bearings and seals. Also had the front and rear driveshafts rebuilt and balanced so the driveline is pretty much new.

For the interior, I've replaced the carpeting and replaced the front bench seat with buckets from a late model Ford pickup and that is where it is right now.

Oh, one more thing, the air conditioning unit is an aftermarket unit that fits up under the dash and it doesn't work at the moment. One of my projects for the future to get that going.

I've bought all new grills, emblems, race track moldings,etc for it and someday want to get it painted. For now it's enough just getting the mechanical stuff going.