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This 1978 F150 4x4 belongs to Paul Cross (

My name is Paul Cross and I'm from Sanford, Florida. I was looking through your website and saw some pretty nice looking trucks. We are interested in your membership and would like more information on it. I also wanted to submit a photo of my truck. It took about six months to restore. It's a 1978 F150 4x4. It has been done inside and out. All new interior parts and windows. It has about 15 inches of lift kit with 39 inch super swampers. The motor is a 460ci big block, automatic transmission, 205 transfer case, new driveshafts and 1/2ton axles. The color of the truck was black and now it is a Ford color Lapis Blue Met. It would be a great honor if you would display my photo in your page.