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These 1978 F150's belong to Mike and Jim Danliel (

The Red and White on (Big Red) is owned by Mike Daniel. It is 1978 Ford F-150 XLT 4x4. It was restored 2 years ago by the Daniel Family. It used to be sliver with black. I rebuilt the original 400 motor. I bored it .40 over and put a racing cam in it. It also has a 410 Posi in the rear. Big Red is my college truck and I use it everyday and pull my snowmobiles with it in the winter. It is a daily driver for sure.

The Blue and baby Blue (Old Blue) truck in the second picture with Big Red is owned by Jim Daniel. It also is a 1978 Ford F-150 4x4. Jim Daniel bought it brand new in 78 and it has been in the family ever sense. It is a family member. It has never been fully restored. It was repainted 5 years ago due to a hall storm. The motor is a 400 also and has well over 100 thousand on it, but has never been touched. Old Blue has gotten best original truck in the first car show it was entered in. It took second place out of 9 custom painted and fully restored trucks in the second car show it was in. Some day Old Blue will be restored by the Daniel Family to show room perfect. It was the best truck the Daniel Family has ever had.