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This 1978 Courier belongs to Bob Bissel of Kelonwna, B.C. Canada (

This is a 1978 Courier 2.3 Litre long box with a 5-speed transmission. It has 160,000 miles on it but has yet to have any major work of any kind. A Ford re-build of the rear axel was done at 10,000 miles, the waterpump replaced at 100,000 and brakes have been the major items. It still has the original exhaust system on it. Exceptional care including at times excessive maintenance has kept it looking and running like new (well almost - it does burn more oil than it did when new). No body work other than painting the rear bumper has been done. There have been few modifications to it. The box cap, a second gas tank in the box, alloy wheels, a hood vent and relays for the halogen headlights have been the major changes. The biggest complaint I have is that it has a lot less than adequate power.