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This 1978 Bronco belongs to David Edwards ( As it sits right now, it's a 78 Bronco, with a 79 front clip. Stock powertrain: 400cid, C6 tranny, NP203 fulltime Tcase. Axles are also stock, 9" rear, Dana high-pinion 44, both holding 3.50gears, both open for the time being. I also put on on-board air, using the York a/c air compressor, and tanks from an Emglo air compressor, as well as a PTO unit for a winch - coming soon.

Near future plans are: mount the PTO winch on a custom front bumper, as well as a completely custom protection - rear bumper, nerf bars, rollcage, and steel tube doors. I'll also be installing a Mobi-Weld underhood welder, when funds allow. THEN, I look for gears, lockers, lift and tires. I'll also be modifying my rear suspension with either buggy-springs, or 1/4 elliptical springs, possibly using air bags.

Lots to do, and I'm only getting started :)