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This van belongs to one of the list members: James A. Doty">

Here's his description (its a very nice van!):

1978 Ford E-150 w/ps, pb, C6 Auto, 351W, dual gas tanks, rear step bumper, custom wheels, custom windows, custom mirrors, rear window louvers, roof rack, roof vent, front Captain's chairs, rear sofa sleeper, dropped floor, carpeted floor, walls, and ceiling, four speaker cassette stereo system, 2 meter mobile radio, beverage tray on boot between front seats, Ricon wheelchair lift, power sliding door.

Dropping the floor required relocating the front gas tank, making new body mounts and cross members by hand, and having a new floor pan manufactured at a local steel shop.

The work was performed by myself (James A. Doty), Clint Wells, George Millner, Toni Ryan, and Jesse Oberreuter.

Additional material and tools were provided by Gem Equipment, Clint Wells, and Delvan Johnston.

To complete the project I still need to recarpet the floor where we modified it, replace the rear bumper (It suffered serious damage in a hit and run rear end collision.), intall dual exhaust system, replace a wrinkly left front fender, repaint the body, and rebuild the engine using are-build kit that should supply me with 350 to 400 hp at around 6000 rpm.

Currently the engine is very sluggish and only gets 8 mpg.