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This nice F100 4x4 belongs to list member Kevin Kemmerer (
You can view his web site at:

1977 ford f150 4x4
Used for anything a truck can be used for! But mostly now it is used for truck pulling. I pull in the street classes at local fairs. I've had two first place finishes, and I have one full pull! It drives all day on 87 octane gas and will embarrass many sports/muscle cars.
Truck now spins 33" BFG muds.

front axle: dana 44 posi (was torsion-gleason, blew apart 4 wheeling)
rear axle: ford 9" open (my last locker equiped carrier blew apart)
homemade traction links utilizing 3/4" hiem joints.
both carry 3.50 gears

rancho 9000 shocks front
rancho 7000 shocks rear

transfer case: 205

interior: no radio, lincoln bucket seats, grant wheel, carpet, Summit mechanical gauges, VDO 8000 rpm tach.


transmision: C6 from GER with low gear set, kevlar comp. clutches, full manual body reverse pattern, ratchet shifter, amsoil synthetic ATF, roller bearings everywhere.