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This 1976 F250 4x4 belongs to Jim Barbera (
1976 F-250 4x4 7700 LB GVWR VIN# F26YRA78895
It originally came with 360 2V, AC, PS, PB, 4-SPD, front disk brakes, overload springs.
Previous owner replaced engine with 390 4V with non smog heads.

Bought the truck in 1985 from a tile contracter for $3k. It was pretty beat. The factory rebuilt, dealer installed remanufactured motor had about 30k miles on it. The tranny was really noisy.

Rebuilt stuff:
Top end of the motor including Crower cam, 3 angle valve job, Cloyes Tru-Roller chain set
Transmission (NP-435)
Entire rear axle assembly including the parking brake cable
Bench seat complete

Replaced Grant 15" with new stock steering wheel. (Couldn't see the speedometer.)
Replaced Edelbrock single plane manifold with Ford cast iron dual plane.
Replaced Smittybuilt front tube bumper with Warn winch/bumper combo. (Made diamond plate top filler plates.)
Replaced wimpy stock center and rear driveshafts/yokes with all custom made 1-ton drive line components.
Replaced steel wheels with American Racaing Outlaw IIs/Dunlop Rover RVs.

Added the following goodies:
Shell: $900
Bed liner: $250
Winch/bumper (Warn 10,000 lb): $1000
Winch accessories/straps: $100
Tires and aluminum wheels: $1400
Cruise control: $100
Power door locks: $100
Kenwood CD stereo Pioneer speakers: $500
Second battery (deep cycle) $80
Electric fuel pump $85
Hooker Headers $350
Custom 2 into 1 exhaust system $430
Jimbo's custom made transfer case stsbilizer rod
Wink mirror (3 panel)
Vacuum gauge
Mechanical oil pressure gauge