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This 1974 F350 Camper Special belongs to Darrell Duggan (

This is Tweety my 74 F-350 Ranger XLT Super Camper Special. This is just about the toughest Ford ever made, and I make sure it proves it quite often. This truck does everything including heavy hauling, Trail rides, Pre-Running, and even entered it in a tough Truck Competition (I had to jump over cars for that one!)

It has a factory 460 with just a tad over 100k miles. A new motor is in the works right now, as this one is a lil tired. The new motor consists of a truck 460 (has better rods) with 68 429 heads, a comp 268H cam, cloyes gearset, Edelbrock performer RPM intake, and a Holley 750. I already have a Jacobs Ignition on it, and it really does work. Worth every penny. It had a C-6 when I got it, I blew it up, and in went another C-6, blew it up too. After a lot of questions, and a lil bit of frustration, I now have a Warn T-18 4 speed in it. The rear end is a heavy duty Dana 70 with 4:10 gears. Even on this old motor, This truck makes the holeshot like you could never imagine. Right now the truck sits on Sport Kings, 33x12.5 in the back, and 31x10.5 up front. Im going to be installing E350 box ban springs up front for a bit of lift, and trimming the front fenders, so I can run 33x12.5s all the way around.

This truck has been a Vegas truck all its life, and how I found out is an interesting Story. While under the dash at the local Pep Boys, I heard a voice ask, "That truck have a 460 in it?" I crawled out and told him yes. Low and Behold, Im face to face with the man who ordered my truck new (and was responsible for most the dents in it too) Told me when he got it, how it took awhile to get it, as the 460 was a factory special order. He had it for about 10 years, putting it through its paces as a work truck. (He got the Ranger XLT package so he could have A/C and a seat he wouldnt stick to.) He then sold it to a family member, who I think was the person that gave it to the guy I bought it from. This truck has made its rounds, but I have to say, Im the last person thats ever gonna own this truck. Its the only vehicle I've ever owned that lasted more than 8 months. Gettin close to 2 yrs, and shes still runnin strong. Long Live the Blue Oval!