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This 1973 F-350 Super Camper Special Ranger belongs to John Andrew Prime (

Here is the photo of my Ford F-350 Super Camper Special Ranger. I bought it about two months ago from a man down the street who I have worked for over the past few years. He used it to pull an RV. It's a one-ton truck with about 104,000 miles on it. Painted with a red-and-white scheme, with dual long-range tanks. It has some signs of age, including a transmission shift lever/column strut that needs replacing -- major headache! Of course, it has a oong wheelbase, a 390 cid engine with original hubcaps, new exhaust tips, custom pipes, air, power steering. Not that the gas mileage of the beast allows you to use the air! Not bad for a 17-year-old, eh?