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This nice 1971 F250 belongs to Blake Barr (

This is my all orignal 1971 F-250 Sport Custom. The only non-original gear is the windshield, the brand new flowmaster exhaust, 33" BFG Mud Kings, a small stereo amp and a custom bumper to mount a 8000 pound winch. This includes the original 360, 4-spd tranny and clutch (w/ granny low), drivetrain, paint, interior, and 2bbl carb.

I bought this truck out of Texas from the second owner who is our freind. I paid $2,600 as it sits now (price included new windshield). The first owner (his dad) bought it new in Denver Colorado back in '71. It's been treated well because the orignal owner had another 70's ford w/ a 460 and a 4bbl that he beat the hell out of.

Future equipment of this truck will include 39" Super Swamper Boggers or Thornbirds. Possibly a new 390 or even a 460. Also PS, PB, bucket seats w/ 5pt harness, new interior, a stereo, 4"-8" suspension lift, body lift, new tranny (to cominsate for larger engine + it's missing synchro's in 4th gear), new brow lights, definatley a paint job and maybe some new panels/hood to kill the little rust problems.