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This really sharp 1971 F100 (I'm partial to 67-72s!) belongs to John May (

I've on the mailing list for almost two years now (right after I bought the truck) and I think you'll like my truck. It's a 1971 F100 Custom SWB. Originally equipped with a 302 and a 3 on-the-tree tranny. Now it has a 351W with a C4. It is a base model truck with no power steering or brakes. It does have a very COLD ARA underdash air conditioner installed. It didn't come with even a radio, so I installed a Highliner system with an AM/FM cassette w/ a 10 CD changer in the glove box. It sounds excellent and didn't need to destroy the dash or doors to have it. I just recently installed the late model wheels (last weekend) which really helps set the truck off, I think. ;-) Except for the mentioned mods, it is an 82,000 original. The original owner (1st) owner was 61 years old when he bought it new and owned it till October 1997, when I bought it. He was in the process of having a fifth wheel installed for his travel trailer when his mechanic suggested that he trade it in for something with some cajones. He traded it in and bought it (luckily) only 10 days after the trade. I guess you could say it was an "old man's" truck it's entire life..... And the undercarriage shows it!!