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This 1970 F250 4x4 belongs to Eric Sutphin (

It has 145,000 miles on it. My father bought it new in May of 1970 and gave it to me in 1998, he decided he would like a new one after 28 years. It came as an undelivered construction special from the dealer. It has a 360 c.i. engine, 4 speed manual, heavy duty suspension, and optional 9.5 by 16.5 tires, it even has the original Firestone spare. Not only did my dad keep it up well, but he repainted it himself in the original reef aqua color, about 4 years ago.

The picture enclosed shows my truck with a truck scale documented weight of 2,750 lbs. of coal. As you can see by the fact that the rear end is nearly level, that it could easily haul much more, but I already had more coal than I needed. The 77 Dodge 3/4 ton truck I use to have was pretty much done at 2000 lbs.