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This 1969 Austrailian Ford Falcon XW UTE belongs to list member Nat.

Its a real beauty!

Here's his description: >Its an Australian 1969 Ford Falcon XW ute/truck... Its got a 302 Cleveland at the moment, but I'm trying to find something like a 351, or 429 for it...but not sure if the two could fit. 8 3/4 inch borg warner diff, and C4 auto. 7in by 14 in mags all way round with 235/60 up front, and 245/65 down back. Its the Ford Candy apple red with a gold Super roo decal along the side and twin black stripes on the bonnet. She's due in for a big buildup one day... Its approx 1.6 ton, and carrys a tone on the back...she's not bad. They call them the "1 tonna down under."