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This 1967 F-250 Camper Special belongs to Joe Sprague (

This is my 1967 F250 (2 wheel drive) camper special. It had only 67,024 miles on it when I bought it on October 1, 1994, the day after my 14 birthday (the first picture was taken October 2-yes thats me in the window.

My dad and I restored the truck from the frame up. It still has the origal 352 FE w/ 4spd. The engine was rebuilt and I added the usual things to it, like an aluminum intake, cam, headers, carb, etc. The truck was lowered by cutting the coils in the front and then putting the rear axle on top of the springs. The truck is a pretty good mixture of original and new parts. The interior has been carpeted but the original seat is still there because it was in perfect shape. All the emblems and both door handles were either replaced or replated (try finding new side hood emblems for a '67 F250!!). I put 55 series tires all the way around, but with the 4.10 gears, it proved to be not enough tire for the back, so I changed the tires (and now it sits higher in the back). The trucks been done for about 2 years now. I just won my first trophy with it. Im now almost 20 years old and Im thinking about what I can do with the truck. Since it was my first vehicle I dont really want to get rid of it. Plus, its something different. Every where I go people make a comment about the fact that its an F250. This summer I took the truck to a large car show (in st.ignace, Michigan) and it was the only representative of 1960s ford trucks in the actual show! The picture I sent to you is not a very good picture of the truck. For one thing, the back end doesnt sit so low now since I have the taller tires on the back, and in the picture, you cant really tell how nice of a paint job the thing has! It really is a nice truck! Im proud to be a Ford truck owner.