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These trucks belong to list member Jamey Moss>

This is a shot of the rusted out '72 (on the left) and the '67 that will use the engine and parts.

The '72 F100 Ranger XLT [R.I.P.]: My grandfather was the original owner of the '72, and it spent most of it's life in far West Texas, where scratches in the bed never really rust. Then my dad got the truck and we eventually moved near the gulf coast south of Houston, where old metal like this will rust out in the blink of an eye. We had the bed stripped and repainted after it rusted in a matter of months, but then a few years later the rust came back with a vengeance in the moist, salty air down there.

By the time I was ready to restore the truck, years of neglect and occasional use had left the once great truck with an advanced stage of cancer -- massive rust. Then the muffler blew open, the engine would barely run, and the license plates expired, so my dad towed it to my house and I began taking every useful (and many not-so-useful) parts off the truck. BTW, yes I realize that the grill on the '72 is actually from a '70, but it was replaced in the late 70's after a fender bender, and either my grandfather never knew the difference or didn't care. This truck has now been completely stripped and given to someone who took the brakes, axles, and differential. It will soon be taken to the great truckyard in the sky, but I'll still have the heart of this old truck to rebuild and put in my '67.

You can see more info on the engine removal and rebuild on my home page at

The '67 F100 Ranger: After I found that restoring the '72 was no longer a possibility, I found a '67 (the first year of that body style) that had been a fire marshal truck in a small town in north Texas in it's early years. The engine had been replaced with a 400 from a mid-70's Ford, and the interior needed some work, but I'm having fun working on it. It's going to get the 390 and C6 from the '72 after a complete tear-down and rebuild.