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This 1966 F100 belongs to Bob Bardell (

The truck had only three owners. The first blew it up immediately (it's only a small I-block 3-speed) and let it sit for two years. The second owner bought it, repaired it, and drove it the next 17. His son, from whom I bought it, has driven the truck the past 15 years as a daily commuter, so I have a real good idea "where it's been." It has rust where you would expect to find it, on the rear fenders below the running boards, and there's a little light coming through the floorboards. Otherwise, it is rust-free, perfectly straight, has a new interior, and was well maintained with one each respray and motor rebuild. I drive it weekly as-is just for fun while I'm building a new street motor. My wife thinks it's great!

The motor under construction is a 422 c.i. stroker 390 FE with forged 10.6:1 JE pistons, rebuilt shot peened rods with ARP fasteners, Crane H-298 cam, Edelbrock aluminum heads and high rise intake, 750 Demon carb, complete MSD ignition, and Hedman Hedders. Transmission is a manual valve body C-6 with a TCI 3000 stall converter. Gears are the original 3.70s, though I'll probably reinstall them in a posi carrier later on. After I get the thing back on the road and down to Texas Motorplex a few times, I'll get serious about restoring the body, which will have to settle for a color sanding and buffing right now.

Again, thanks for a great site. It's been a sort of inspiration for me both to find and buy a project truck and to get serious about completing it.