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This 1966 F100 belongs to David Stembridge (

It's a 1966 Ford F100, with orig 240 straight 6, and "3 on the tree"

As far as text along with pictures:

1 - 1966 Ford F100 purchased for $750; still has original 240 straight 6 engine. I have replaced the rear brake shoes, 1 leaky brake cylinder, and a water pump. It runs great! I plan on doing the front brakes, and doing some more tune-up work; then start doing a little body work.
2 - The front grill is the heaviest area on body in regards to rust. It's not real deep; the worst area is the underchasis. Not quite sure how to start tackling it!
3 - The interior is in excellent shape! There are a couple of rusted through spots on the floorboard; but everything else looks good.