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This 1965 F250 4x4 belongs to Jake Culbertson (

My father purchased the truck new in the fall of 1964 trading a 49 ford in on it. I was seven years old and it wasn't long before I was behind the wheel using the truck on the farm for various tasks. I basically learned to drive on this truck and put many miles on it hauling hay and livestock. We used to have a fall ritual of stocking our coal pile for the winter. We would drive to a coal yard several miles away from home and get a heaping load of stoker coal dumped into the bed of the truck (this was before bedliners were in vogue). With the beefed up leaf springs,positive traction differentials and low gearing this truck seldom saw a load or condition that it couldn't handle. Believe me it saw some rugged conditions. In 1995 I decided to perform a complete restoration of the truck in which I completely disassembled it and went through every part including the engine, drive train, and body restoring it to like new. The engine is the original 352 cu. in. however I replaced the stock 2 barrel Holley carburetor and intake with an aluminum intake and carter AFB 500 4 barrel carb. I also dressed the engine up with chrome since I plan to show the truck once in a while. The truck is still equipped with a 4 speed (new process) transmission and Dana 4WD transfer case. The paint scheme remains as original. I was even able to salvage parts of the original seat upholstery.

As a safety precaution (as well as cosmetic) I replaced the original 16" two piece rims with aluminum wheels.

This truck has always been an attention grabber and I hope I have given it a fitting retirement from its days of rugged service.