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This really nice 1965 F250 4x4 belongs to list member Bill Ballinger (

1965 F250 4X4. It has an FE big-block, NP435 trans, Spicer 24 transfer case closed-knuckle Dana 44 in front, and a Dana 60 in the rear.33X12.50x16.5's on turbofan wheels. The drivetrain is all original down to the 4.56 gears, with the exception of the engine. I'm in the process of finding an original year 352 to rebuild for it. Though it has the original style steering and brakes, it is amazingly nice to drive around town. The manual steering is a 26 to 1 ratio with a 17 1/2 inch steering wheel so as long as you're even creeping it steers like power.