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This 1965 F-100 belongs to Christian Huettmann (

It is a 1965 F-100 Custom Cab. I bought this truck for $1500 with a lot of work needing to be done. The truck had a 300 with three on the tree. None of the gauges worked when I bought the truck. My modifications were to start with the removal of the 300 and three speed.

The installation of 390FE Big Block was next. The engine is slightly warmed over with original bore, Lunati camshaft, Holley 750 carburetor, Holley Street Fuel Pump, Hooker headers, 2 1/2" Dual exhaust and dual electric fans from an 88 TurboCoupe T-Bird. The transmission is a C-6 that has been rebuilt with B&Mgoodies. I shift through the gears with a B&M Megashifter . I had a new drive shaft made with all new materials. The rear end still is a 3.70 ratio but would like to put 4.11 gears instead. The tires are 225 60R15's on the front with 275 60R15's on the back. Disc brakes from a 1976 F-150 were swapped in instead on the original drum setup. Future plans are to remove the gas tank behind the seat to in between the frame rails where it belongs, and to upgrade the interior to new seats. All this couldn't be done without the help from my wife. Thanks sweetie