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This 1965 F100 Camper Special belongs to Ron (

Here are some photos of my (ours really, my wife is 'co-owner!) '65 F 100 Custom Cab Camper Special. We saved it from the junkyard (by just a few hours) for $100. It's still wearing (most of) it's ORIGINAL Turquoise (Code 'B') paint that was applied in San Jose in November of '64! I've rebuilt the original 352, adding and E-Brock Performer 4BBL manifold and carb as well as dual exhaust (better for hauling our "rig" on those weekend "Sierra getaways"!). It has been 'dubbed' Our Dinosaur by my wife (Note 'R DYNASR' on the surprise Xmas gift vanity plates!) because of it's "bumpity, lumbering and snorting nature" (her quote). Future improvements include power steering (if I can ever locate all the right parts) and power disc brakes (those stock drums get "exciting" in the mountains when loaded with our "weekend home") and ultimately a rebuilt 390. The 'tired' 390 (waiting 'patiently' in the garage) was 'donated' to us by a fellow list member (GRAMPS is his truck's "name", see the "twin" 65 F 250 in the pictorial!) who lives about ten miles down the road from us. We "discovered" each other through the 61-79 list, what a small world!!!