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This 1965 F100 belongs to Rick & Knicki Lucrezi (

I just inherited this 65 from my father. Its name is Weez. He bought it in 1966 with only 11,000 miles on it. It had a 352 which he removed right away and installed a 390 with 12.5 TRW pop ups, fords GT 390 cam and factory tri-power. He has put over 300,000 miles on this truck and the motor has been rebuilt a few times but still runs to date. He removed the hi-comp motor in 1990 and installed a 410 which he didn't like so swapped it out for a 428 CJ with the tri-power. He still claimed the hi-comp 390 was a better runner. The photos are of different times at truck pulls. In 1982 my dad entered his first truck pull with Weez as a stock truck. At that time The hi-comp 390 had 250000 + miles on it and he won first place. He freshened up the motor and installed terra tires for the next year and won then too. He got the bug and started building full race style trucks after that and has always placed in the top 3. His last ride was a 41 Whillys with a 427FE . The photos show that daily driver truck built right can race and win weekends too. The camper pic is after a trip to southern Mexico.