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This nice 1964 F350 belongs to Zafer Alajmi ( of Kuwait.

This is my 1964 F350 crewcab. I saw no more thank 6 crewcab Fords in Kuwait. I bought it from an old Bedouin November 1998. He was the first owner. Because this truck is a crewcab he said Bedouins didn't like to use it for smuggling or hunting so this one did not have a bad times like most trucks. This kind of truck is not rare in all Arabia as its the family car . Its eng. is a 1964 v8. The original color was blue but red is the color of all trucks in the good old days.

64 is not the most popular. 66 is because it was the last year to be imported to all if the Arab world just before the 67 war with Isreal. Ford came back 87-88.