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This 1960 F100 belongs to Chuck L. (

This is my 1960 ford F-250. My grand-parents bought it in 1979 and basically bought it to take rubbish to the dump. It was originally dark green. This picture was taken right after the local technical school painted it for my grandfather (1983).

It has since sat around for quite some time. The truck is now flat black and missing the box, my grandfather almost made it into a stake body. I bought it 1997 for $50.00 and I am finally restoring it. It has a straight 6 with the three on the tree could use a new drivers side door but definately needs a new box (preferably a step side). Tthe motor was recently overhauled and the body is coming out nice. I should have a fuel injected 351 in it by summer and hopefully painted to it's original green. Parts are very scarce in the area, if anyone out there has any ideas or information for me i would appreciate the mail...