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This nice 1959 F100 4x4 belongs to Andrew Tuning ( You can find more information about his truck at

My father bought this for me in 1992, when I was 18 yrs old, after he sold a restored 1930 Model-A Pick-up. He handed a lady $1300 for it. I am only the second owner and It has taken me 4 yrs and 60,000 miles to get it into this condition. (It only had 46,000 miles when I got it.) It was origionally bought at the oldest Ford dealership in Oregon, Burns Ford in Burns, OR. Strictly an Eastern Oregon Truck, there is no lift kit under it and has never been abused off road. It still has the origional 292 V-8 motor with Holly 2-Barrel and 117,000 origional miles.(no apparent rebuild that I can see but I have had to reseal the engine.) It has the Spicer model 24 transfer case, Warner T-98 4 speed transmission, Spicer front axle, and 3.89 gear ratio in both differentials.

I am very proud of it and would like to know more about this year of truck. I do know it is the first year Ford put factory 4WD.