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This 1958 F100 belongs to Art Swanson

The paint job was done around three years ago - before all the rodders started going purple. He calls the truck "Plum Crazy," and hopes to bring it to the 1999 Midwest F100 Nationals in Winona, MN this June.

It's got a 302 with a C6 and a 9" rear end.

He took a long-box and cut it off, remounted the rear end and made it fit.

Flattened out the rear of the box, and made that a little custom. He's also planning on putting in taillight units from a Toyota or something - (yeah, I know sacrilege).

Just another shot of the rear end - it's a little dark. Plus it kind of shows the tread he's got on the rear tires.

The truck has a the sunroof, custom turn signals (Datsun B210 tail-lights, heck, they look like they grew there), air scoop (I'm not sure how functional this truly is), and his copilot (big purple stuffed animal he got to help scare birds away).