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This colorful 1958 F100 belongs to Brian Nyman (

This is the makings of a 1958 Ford F100, my uncle and I are BIG fans of this range of vehicle (57-60), and Ford fans in general. My uncle runs a salvage company, and has built a substantial collection of parts trucks on his property - 12-13 in all.

Plans for the truck. The non-blue metal on the truck is all for measuring purposes. The other parts are in the shop being cleaned and prepped. We plan to rework the main cab structure as well, but it was already off its original frame, so we're just using it for convenience sake.

We are putting a 390ci motor under the hood. I have another uncle who is doing the rebuild, he had it bored 0.060" over (approximately 403-406ci). We're putting new flat-top pistons and brand new Edelbrock ProFormer Aluminum Cobra Jet heads, an Edelbrock aluminum intake fed by a brand new Holley 4160 Legacy series (80508s) 750cfm carb. We're going to put side outlet headers, and my uncle is estimating 400+HP.

We have a 1969 C6 "Camper Special" transmission, and will rebuild it using a B&M kit. The 9" rear end from a late 70s Lincoln Versailles conveniently has disk brakes AND posi-traction. The front end has been pulled and replaced by a 1985 Ford Aerostar unit - front disk brakes and independent front suspension.

We're cutting down a 1-ton box to the size of the 1/2-ton: narrowing it by 5" and shortening it by 16", from what I'm told. We're doing that because the best box we could find was a 1-ton box with full fenders and little or no rust.

We're probably going to go with 15" rims and 10" wide on back and 8" wide on the front. We're looking at 295/50R15 tires for the rear, and maybe some 225-245/60R15 tires on the front. Plenty of tread to go around.

We're going to sandblast the body and frame using walnut shells. Using self-etching primer to seal the frame, and painting the frame Ford blue, and the body is going to be a rich midnight blue metallic.

We're planning on going with the standard chrome emblems: front hood, side of hood, door emblems, front window chrome, and non-stock cab lights.

We're going to unveil it at the Midwest F100 Nationals in Winona, MN the first weekend in June. It might not be cherry, but hopefully we'll have the motor and drive-train in place by then.

But for now, they don't get much uglier than this...