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This truck belongs to list member Ken L.

The truck is a 1955 that is extended 10 inches in the cab. It has been lowered and has a 351 W motor that is moderately modified. It has a one piece front-end that has no cuts and slides forward before it tilts, that enables it to stay a true one piece front-end. The color is Indigo-Blue from a 1997 ford windstar. It also have a AOD transmission and uses 3.50 to 1.00 rear end gears with 16 inch wheels. The frame is boxed, x-ed, c-ed, and has a Volarie front suspension as well as 1979 f-150 rear springs. It has 3 inch duel exhaust and an aluminum gas tank.

I have set the engine in the truck behind the front wheel axial. It sets very low in the frame because I do not plan on letting any modern day sports car smoke me in the turns.