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This nice 1953 F100 belonging to Rick Proctor ( has a touching story behind it. Read on...

We had it in the classifieds for sale but took it off the market. Decided to drive it. Here's the scoop;

Purchased in 1986 at a swap meet in Ontario Canada. It was going to be a winter project. My day job started to go down hill so I just parked the 53 in the corner of the garage.It became quite a joke in the neibourhood as to when this truck would ever see daylight again.

My job finally crashed and at the same time my wife became very ill (45 yr. old).

At one point, she made a remark that she would never see the truck painted. By this time ,she was getting worse as most people with cancer do. I proceeded to paint the truck and as she lay in bed, carried the pieces into her room , so she could see the truck " painted".

It was as important to me as it was to her, even though I was not happy with the paint job. I have named the truck " Earl" after the guy with the $99.99 paint jobs.Earl Shieb.

I have since put the truck back together as well as my life and hope to enjoy both.

The truck is a stock 239-3 speed std.

It seems everything is new or at least reconditioned and runs down the road like a old truck should...with Bias-ply tires..rough riding...stock suspension.

It has all new wood..oak.bed. It was a very sound truck from the beginning and did not need a patch panel in it.