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This nice 1952 F1 belongs to James McDaniel (

Here's some info on the 1952 F1 Pickup.

I've just finished a lot of mechanical work to bring it back up be a reliable driver, to include a new zero-time rebuilt engine; new 11" clutch, pressure plate, and throwout bearing; new shocks all around; new brakes and wheel kits; rebuilt starter, distributor and new wires; new battery; and rebuilt carburetor. It also has a new interior and I've just replaced both the window moldings and installed new anti-rattle kits in each door. The truck is 99 percent stock (installed seat belts and a right tail light). The photos include one on the dolly when I towed it out for the engine change. Will include one of the new engine in the back (twin-engined truck---one up front, one in the back).