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This pretty 1951 F1 belongs Ken Kiser ( and it the result of a seven year restoration.

I bought the old 51 for 500.00 and it was in pretty bad shape. It is put back to original with complete overhaul on Flathead V-8 engine has 3 speed trans on the column which with the rear end a low speed rear end which I would like to change to a higher speed ...think the truck was originally a farm truck...anyway I disassembled it all the way down to the frame...had the frame sandblasted primed and repainted... then started going back together put new brakes, master cylinder, shocks, new tires and new motormounts. I got the motor installed then started on the cab which took quite a bit of work, lots of sanding and pit filling, lost count on how many coats of paint I put on it. I got it all finished and started on the front end replaced all the lights, parking light assys, and rechrome the hood ornament. I cleaned up and repainted inside the Cab. I installed a new wiring harness, rechromed the dash trim, put new headliner in, new domelight. I used the same rearveiw mirror, new floormat and repainted the heater. I got it all finished and started working on the bed. I made the slats out of popular wood I think originally had pine but the popular with stain and clear coat sure turned out pretty. I put new metal strips and painted them black... as for the glass..I am the owner of a glass shop and I cut all my glass and kept it original as possible and used Clear Laminated glass all the way around.