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This 1951 F1 and 1957 dragster belong to Bob and Sherry Andersen.

We are the Andersens, Bob and Sherry. We are members of NHRA, Good Guys, ANRA, the Kustom Kruisers, and the Prophets of Northern Nevada. We have a front motor nostalgia dragster, built by Jack Mendenhall in 1957. We have been showing the car for the last two years at different events in Northern Nevada and Northern Callifornia. Over the summer, we have purchased a 1951 Ford pickup to complete the nostalgia look.

To put forth a picture, we visualize ourselves as coming through a time warp; a 1951 pickup, pulling the front engine dragster. Let us tell you about the dragster. It was built in 1957, and ran until 1963, making appearances at the well known Southern California dragstrips almost weekly. It also was the first drag car to be sponsored a non-automotive sponsor. It had a top speed of 127 mph in 10.5 seconds with the flathead, but as the need for speed increased, and being kids, we put in a 400 cu. In. Cadillac which made the car go 143 mph in 9.474 second, its very best. The car has been at Jack Mendenhall's museum and Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame in Buellton, California, since its retirement from drag racing. In 1996, with the help of the Edelbrock Equipment Company and Bobby Meeks, the car has again roared to life with a new engine. Ed Iskenderian gave us a new cam, and Roger McPeeters of Cat Welding, Sonora California, rebuilt the rear end. Kro-built Company of Reno, Nevada, has helped us tremendously with re-fabricating our trailer. Jim Cirone of RCS, Sparks, Nevada, has shown an interest in retrofitting the car to be race worthy. Patty Frost of Hoosier Tires has offered her help, and Wade Vanderide owner/driver of the Sierra Shaker, Reno, Nevada, his racing expertise. But for now, we are still a little on hold, and content to show the car and rev the motor for the crowd, or to get a crowd.

Should you see us driving the highway, just wavedon't get out of your car, because we do pull this trailer at the legal speed limit or greater. Looking forward to seeing you honk, blink your lights, or shake our hands, should we be stopped at one of our favorite sponsors, Pea Soup Andersen's Restaurant.