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This under-construction 1950 F1 belongs to Randy Selby (

My sons and I have been working on this '50 F-1 since April. This began as a basket-case that I bought from someone that had started a restoration. We took the truck completely apart and started from scratch. The frame, axles, and all heavy steel components were sandblasted and painted by a local shop. I rebuilt the rear axle, and had new kingpins installed by a machine shop. The suspension and steering has been completely rebuilt using all new parts. The engine was rebuilt by the previous owner, and only had to be set into place. The 3-speed transmission had 2 broken gears, but a little searching revealed a co-worker that has a lot of parts lying around. At this point, I took the cab and doors to the body shop for painting. While I was waiting for body parts, I ordered a new wiring harness with turn signals and set up for a 12 generator. As you can see, The cab and wiring have been installed, but the body shop still has the bed. Someone had welded things, taillights and tailgate hinges plus others, to the bed, so that is being corrected.

We hope to have the truck ready for next spring, so I can haul my son's scout troop around town in the parade. Wish us luck!