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This in-progress 1950 F1 belongs to Steve Hansen ( I bought this truck in Oregon from a family friend in 1984 for 400$. Thirty-five dollars later and it was running. I removed the engine and it hasn't been licensed since. I took the engine with me to Arizona where I rebuilt it. Then the next year I towed the rest of the truck down to AZ. and took it all apart. I used a Makita 4" grinder with a wire wheel and cleaned up the frame and painted it with a airless system. The cab was mostly done at a body shop where they went over their estimate and didn't do what I asked. I am still trying to fix the errors.

In 1990 I was moved to North Dakota and the truck followed me. There were some "lean years", and some "other project years" and some very cold winters that you can't do anything in. During some of my ambitious times I rebuilt and reversed eyed the front leafs, front disk brake kit, and took three or four transmissions apart to put in a Merc. 3 speed with OD. I still don't know if it will work, and I have to figure the wiring out on it yet. About 3 months after finishing the transmission, I read about the "Flat-O-Matic" Boy, that would have saved a group of work!

During the slower times, I have increased my tool collection, now featuring mostly air powered sanders, sandblasting cabinet, Mig welder, Ox-Acetylene, and a Arc, and have self-taught myself rust repair and panel replacement and am learning Auto Body. Having the right tools saves a lot of work. I look at 50% invested in the truck and 50% of my money into tools.

This spring and summer I finally got the 9" rear end and rebuilt it, did the rear leaf springs, put the wheels and tires on. Drive shaft and power brakes next, and a new box this Sept. Darn, winter is just around the corner. In the Spring of 2001, my 20 years in the Air Force is up, and the truck will follow me back to Oregon, hopefully close to complete. (But are they EVER complete?)

Thanks to Ken and the FTE for re-igniting the fire under me and this old truck.