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This sharp 1950 F1 belongs to Paul Meysembourg (

I decided to stick with the stock front end on my truck since I was satisfied with the way my previous truck (54 F100) handled. My main focus was better braking. I added front disc brakes along with a dual master cylinder and all new brake lines. I used a Ford nine inch rear end with 2.75 gears. Rear end now has five leaf springs and front has four (in the pictures, the truck still had six in front)


Another goal of mine was to keep some of the nostalgia of a fifty year old vehicle. To that end, I decided to keep the good ol' flathead V8 and concentrate on making it a bit more modern and dependable. I added the Unilite electronic ignition system, GM one-wire alternator, high output coil, electric radiator fan, electric fuel pump, and the full oiling system conversion kit (highly recommended). I bought a nice set of Sanderson headers and Smithy flathead mufflers and ran the duals out the back. Oh, I also made my own smooth firewall cover by banging on some 18 gauge steel for a few hours - that was fun!


I stripped the cab completely before going after the bodywork to insure that what I had was fairly solid. After removing the gas tank, I filled the filler pipe exit on the passenger's side, strengthened the floor where rust was showing through, filled the air intake also on the pass. side, modified the dash radio opening to accept a standard stereo, built a nice thick wood glove box, and had the seat professionally covered. A new headliner kit was money well spent but quite a challenge to install. Also added a nice little dome light and a couple courtesy lights for the floor. Stereo system is low budget with two eight inch subs, two amps and some cheap seperates up front.


I decided to go ahead and buy a totally new wiring harness and fuse box from Ron Francis Wire Works and am very impressed with it. I would do it again for another project even though the price seems a bit high. I am very confident about my wiring system now, in fact, I even understand most of it.

other info:

* I installed one piece windows using the kit from Sacramento Vintage Ford In fact, I ordered loads of parts from them - a good source of parts and a great catalog!

* I relocated a late model gas tank to the rear between the frame rails.

* Installed a third brake light

* built a custom "low-budget" bed floor using aluminum strips and pressure treated 2x6's

* fiberglass tilt front end from Fairlane Company (no web site yet)

Fairlane Company, 210 East Walker, St. Johns, MI 48879 (517) 224-6460

* fiberglass running boards and rear fenders (also from Fairlane)

* my first "garage paint job" is Martin Seymour Urethane Enamel - color is Metallic Rosewood

* wheels are American Racing smoothies in front and reversed smoothies in rear

* tires are Firestone Firehawk SS10 235/75R15 in front and 255/75R15 in rear