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This 1948 F-6 fire engine belongs to Janet Herron (

I have owned the Blazin'48 since October, 1998 and am as excited about her as I was the day I brought her home.

The fire engine served the Great Falls (Montana) Fire Department and in 1974 the Monarch (Montana) Volunteer Fire Department (MVFD) bought her. The MVFD replaced the flat 6 with a 1955 "Y" block, 8 cylinder, 272 ci engine and changed out the transmission as well. The transmission is a two speed tranny so I have seven forward gears and in the seventh gear, she flies! And of course, the 6 volt system powers her but since I put in two new batteries, I have not had an electrical problem and no hard starts either.

In 1989 MVFD sold the fire engine to a private owner and eventually (after two other owners) I bought the fire engine from a Battalion Chief who works for the West Valley City (Utah) Fire Department.

The water tank is a 200 gallon tank and the front mount PTO pump can pump 500 gpm. Since I am not using the fire engine to put out fires or demonstrations, I have had the pump temporarily disconnected and hope to someday go through the pump, reconnect it and learn how to actually pump the water.

Everything works and the body is in good shape. Someday a new paint job wouldn't hurt - someday!

I have had the fire engine in two local parades so far and will be in more. There is a removable wooden platform with benches in the hose bed for parade riders as you can see in the one picture.

Accessories include an antique wooden fire ladder (not original to this fire engine), 1-1/2" fire hose, hard suction hose, siren, beacon light, nozzles, fire extinguishers (one modern working extinguisher that is mandatory for this size of truck), fire axe, antique fire helmets and one very excited owner! Most of the accessories are part of my fire memorabilia collection but it all fits so well. My husband and son think it's great that after all these years, I finally have my own fire engine. Whenever the weather is good, I take the fire engine out (usually on the weekends) just to drive around and will continue to enter parades as well as show up at a few cruise nights.