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This truck belongs to one of the list members: Mitch Miller">

(This truck will probably outlive us all)

Here is Mitch's description: Originally from Brandon, Manitoba. This truck served as a farm truck until the farm ran into trouble paying a bill at the local Ford service centre. Traded as payment for outstanding monies, the truck began its second life as "eye candy". Purchased by a young "hippy", the first thing he did was put mags on it. This rendered the truck "unsteerable" and also taught a valuable lesson. Go Old - or go home. It was fixed up and put on the road - with its original wheels now safely back on.

I picked up the truck in 1979 and did a rebuild to get it back on the road in 1983. Since then it has performed year-round as a reliable truck in the wild-countries of northern Ontario.

Engine- 1951 V-8 Flathead. 21C