Roush 500RC F-150 Full Size Photo

Full photo of the Roush 500RC F-150.

  Comments | By - July 18, 2006

Ford AIS Severe Duty Intake Installation for 1999-2003 7.3L Powerstrokes

The Ford Air Induction System (AIS) fits your 1999-2003, 7.3L Powerstroke with technology that is battle tested in “operation Iraqi Freedom”.   This air filtration system holds more dust and soot extending filter life along with filtering more contaminates, all with less restriction than any other conventional pleated filters.  This is one of the best add on air intake systems […] More »

  Comments | By - July 14, 2006

Roush F150 Project Truck – Stealth Bulbs

Author: Ken Payne   Welcome back to the Roush F-150 project truck series.  In this installment we make a simple cosmetic change that really cleans up the look of the front of the truck, and works well with pretty much any recent Ford model…. If you’re like many people, you like the look of the […] More »

  Comments | By - July 12, 2006

Review: Turtle Wax Ice

The good folks at Turtle Wax sent me a package with their new product, Turtle Wax® Ice. The boss liked nothing more than to see that package show up before promptly dropping some heavy hints that his truck sure could use a good wash and wax. Taking the hint rather than taking my pink slip […] More »

  Comments | By - June 16, 2006

How-To: Volant Cold Air Intake, F150 Project Truck

Author: Ken Payne   Our first modification to our Roush F-150 project truck is the installation of a Volant cold air intake system. The factory intake leaves a lot to be desired in the looks department and we wanted additional power. Volant’s system uses a sealed box that draws air from both the inner fender […] More »

  Comments | By - June 13, 2006

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